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SILENT DESIGN: Japanese Mabuchi quiet motors, suitable for the bedroom or living space & won't affect sleep.


Mode 1: OFF;

Mode 2: Turns clockwise for 2 minutes and rests for 6 minutes, then repeats;

Mode 3: Turns counterclockwise for 2 minutes and rests for 6 minutes, then repeats;

Mode 4: Turns clockwise for 2 minutes, rests for 6 minutes and turns counterclockwise for another 2 minutes, rests for 6 minutes, then repeats;

Mode 5: Turns clockwise for 5 minutes, turns counterclockwise for 5 minutes, rotates for three hours and rests for 9 hours, then repeats.

BEAUTIFUL INTERIORS: Using PU leather, acrylic panoramic skylight, permanent rust hardware accessories. One adjustable watch pillow fits perfectly with your watch.

A self-stopping mechanism that stops the rotation upon opening the box enables seamless take- down of your watch or re-insert.

2 MODES OF POWER SUPPLY: Powered by AC Adapter or 2 AA batteries (not included).

1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty on parts and labour.

A3009 Wooden Automatic Watch Winder Size:42x33.5x31cm G.W: 5.5 kgs


Techmate Luxury Watch Winders for 10 Automatic/Mechanical Watches

SKU : A3009
179,00$ Prix original
99,00$Prix promotionnel
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